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The activist in Ithaca

2016 Election Special Issue

Journalists reflection on election of Trump:

“Trump’s election is raising questions among journalists and journalism students about their role in American society.”

Fact-check the 2016 election:

“We are here because although there are outlets in place that fact check candidates, many of them can be confusing to read or are considered biased by some. We have made an easy to read and interpret platform by comparing each candidate’s issues and policies in a side by side format so that you don’t have to.”

Immigration policy in 2016 presidential election:

“Although the two nominees have equally expressed their concerns for secure borders, the rest of their interest regarding immigration do not meet eye to eye. This website presents what the U.S. has defined immigration as, what Trump and Clinton propose in regards to immigration as president and the United States’ history of immigration since 1492.”

The third party-Independent candidates: The struggles of a two-party system’s outsiders